It’s The Little Things


Sometimes in life, it is the little things that get me through the day. Things such as a bird’s tiny chirp or the sound of water hitting the rocks in a lake. Last Friday I took a mindfulness walk with my Experiential Therapy group. We enjoyed an entire hour just walking on a path by the lake. I felt nature’s presence and it invited me to take a look at the many little things that have the power to make me smile. As I walked I couldn’t help but write and describe everything I was experiencing; it was almost magical. This is what I wrote:

As I walk down a soft dirt path towards the lake I notice the sweet songs of the birds that are high up in the air. I can’t help but smile as they flutter up above me. I can admire the strength in their weightless wings that have the ability to carry them anywhere they please. Dandelions are scattered white and yellow while other flowers show off their bright pink and orange colors. The lake is just ahead and the water is extraordinarily clear. I can see the rocks and pebbles that lie under the water. I even noticed a single penny gleaming in the sunlight.  The trail takes me into the woods where the trees seemed to bow down around us, protecting us from the sun’s rays. The canopy created a tunnel and provided the birds a safe place curiously watch us. The plant life is thriving in these woods. New buds and new life are everywhere. This trail makes me feel fearless, and even if it’s for only a few minutes, this freedom will not be forgotten.

~ Stay Chipper ~

Quick update for all of you following my story. So I’m finally at Rogers Memorial Hospital, Cedar Ridge, and it’s been a very busy week. The view is gorgeous, and my room overlooks the beautiful lake.  Almost every morning outside my window I see a Mama, Papa, and baby crane. The baby is just a fuzzy ball of cuteness. It is a great way to wake up after the hard fight I faced the day before. Everyday I am facing my OCD and doing Exposures. Exposures are exactly what they sound like. I am “Exposed” to my irrational thoughts and fears. We purposely trigger my OCD and I sit with my anxiety until it goes down 2 points. So if I was at a 4 I have to wait until it is at a 2. It’s exhausting work and many times nearly impossible to sit with. I’m literally fighting my brain and rewiring it. So all in all, it really is important to have the little things like Baby Crane to keep me happy and smiling. I’ve meet so many amazing people and have seen some very scary sides of OCD. It’s a hard fight but we all are here to fight it together.

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6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

    1. Himali;
      I too wish the same, our dearest friend Chelesea must get well soon, so we can enjoy her blogging friendship……………
      Wishing all the best to both of you…………………….

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Chelesea;
        You are amazing and we are eagerly awaiting to read some most inspriational posts from you and we wish you will not disappoint any of us;
        Wishing you all the best…………………..


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