Scarier Than Horror Movies


The people I have met here at Rogers have such mind blowing stories. They have lived with these internal struggles for most of their lives, some even believing that their actions and thoughts were actually normal. What each person has lived with is a true horror story. Scary movies don’t compare to what these people have faced because eventually a movie ends. For everyone here, the story continues playing every single day. One girl panics every time a she sees skin because she can’t help but see bugs crawling on the arms and legs of people. Wherever she walks, she feels as if someone is behind her trying to catch her. She has run in fear so many times and her cries can be heard at night. Suddenly this same girl feels as if her head is being ripped off and tears streak her face. Another girl spent her teen year doing drugs and drinking alcohol to subside her thoughts that constantly play on repeat in her head, pounding the inside of her skull. And another is afraid to contact her family, fearing that if she does, someone will come to kill them.

These stories really scare me. But what’s even more frightening is the fact that to get rid of the thoughts and fears, they must force the fears and images upon themselves and sit with it for hours at a time. What is very surprising is the fact that when I said to someone “It must be hard” they said back to me without hesitation, “No, it’s just as hard as what everyone else here at Rogers is facing” There was no pity, just an acceptance that this is what they were given to deal with in life, and Rogers is the place to fix it. They welcome the fears and emotions, and then tackle them, no matter how hard it may be. Although I do the same thing, I can’t help but feel that I’m not trying as hard as the others. That may be OCD talking, but I can’t get rid of this constant feeling of “I’m not doing well enough” So, I guess I’ll try harder until I can come to terms with it another day.

~ Stay Chipper Friends ~

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