I Can Blog?!

Why hello! I know, such an unexpected post! Before I get to the real post here is a quick update. I’m here at the Eating Disorder Center in Rogers Memorial Hospital and we can use the computer! I can not express how happy this makes me! I will be transferred from the Eating Center to the OCD Center in about a week where I most likely will not be able to blog, but until then I’m so happy to have read all the supporting comments; they made me cry! Now onto the real post.

Life loves to give us something good and add twists and turns to it. Sure, it keeps us hopeful for better days which is a great feeling to experience, but what about when life has knocked us down and then takes yet another kick at us. That moment when we are already at a low point and life gives us yet another challenge? I’ve always been so confused as to why moments like that have to happen, but then I came to a realization. Life may be kicking our you-know-what at the moment, but this is only one part of our life.

I am 20 years old and recently realized that through those 20 years I grew up from being a baby, to becoming the strong girl I am today. Not only did I realize that, but I hopefully have 20 (and more) years ahead of me. Everything that ever happened to me in my 20 years is shocking, and thinking that I have all this time to have a nice happy life. What I have lived so far isn’t the end of my story. I have all this time to get better and become who I want to be, and that thought is very comforting.

This is it for my blog post today! I’m exhausted from a hard days work of reprogramming my thoughts!

~Stay Chipper Friends~

I won’t be checking my email too much right now, but you can leave a message at chipperchelseakay@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “I Can Blog?!

  1. Hi there, it’s great you are able to blog and hopefully you’ll be able to continue.

    I agree life has it’s way of kicking our buts when we least expect it, I’ve learned with my own journey, that changing your thinking can help in that you see a wider picture, I hope one day soon you’ll be able to put this behind you.

    Take care

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  2. Chelesea;
    Since last so many years I am reading many blogs and everyday reading number of posts, but believe me this is the most touchy, inspirational, and amazing post I have ever read in my mind, believe me, I don’t have proper words to describe your this very short yet very very sweet masterpiece.
    Yes, Chelesea, whether you blog or not is not at all an issue now because in this single posts you have written many things which may takes 100 of posts from any blogger because each words are written with bottom of heart and it is as precious as the pure rain drops falling from the sky, yes, each words are priceless………………………………..
    Keep it up the good work you are doing, I don’t know how much I can help you in this battle but yes I can and I will pray to GOD on behalf of you, I do have complete trust in the judgement ability of creator of this word and he will listen my pray and remember within very short period of time you will come out successfully from all these troubles, just keep your fighting sprite, your do or die kind of attitudes, your killer instinct because every obstacles are somewhere down the line opportunities only so turn this obstacles into opportunity leave rest of the things on GOD….

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  3. Best wishes to you! You’re right, life can be hard when there does not seem to be an equal give and take of struggle and happiness. However, I find that after the struggle, the strength gained is in and of itself a blessing. It hardens you for the next struggle. I believe that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, even if life pushes you down and kicks you repeatedly, you can still find the strength to get up, dust yourself off, and say “Is that all you’ve got? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have dreams to chase.” I think of it this way, as long as one is trying, one gets closer to happiness. One can never get anywhere when they lay down and accept defeat. I look forward to reading your journey! Stay strong!

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    1. I truly acknowledge your thinking, your very positive, inspirational words are very very true, there is always tomorrow so as long as we keep the hope and faith in our self everything is possible, I truly appreciate your this friendly gesture and I wish you as well as Chelesea all the best………………..

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