Correcting Thoughts


I was writing the following post and came to a deep understanding. My mind corrected itself and instantly I felt better. I’m amazed by how much I’ve progressed in the last four months. I thought it might be helpful to read my thoughts and how I changed them from being negative.

“The upcoming weeks are going to be difficult for me. Difficult, but exciting. I’m officially back at college and am entering back into the real world. It’s amazing how far I have come. Four months ago I couldn’t get dressed because of my anxiety, now I’m getting ready to take on four classes! I still face daily anxiety at high levels, but I’ve been taught how to cope with them. The downfall is, being taught is completely different than actually doing it. My first class starts today at 10:00 and just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach with nerves. I’m happy to be back at school, it’s something I want so badly…yet I’m not sure how much I can handle. I’m an eggshell that could crack any second. As I write this and as these negative thoughts circle in my head, I can’t help but be shocked by my awareness of my emotions. Knowing that I’m scared means I can cope with it. Although I’m frightened of the weeks ahead, I need to take a step back and live in the moment. I need to stop expecting the worse and live in the moment. I’m surprised how my mind recognized that there was negativity in my thoughts and corrected it right in the middle of me writing this.”

Sometimes you need to take a step back. If the future is giving me too much anxiety, I need to just live in the moment. I need to take it hour by hour if that’s what it takes.

~ Stay Chipper! ~

Man, my therapist John back at Rogers would be proud! He had be doing this kind of writing daily in a journal! 

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8 thoughts on “Correcting Thoughts

  1. Congratulations on being back at college, it’s so heartwarming to see the progress you have made, those teeny baby steps can make such a huge difference to your outlook and how you move forwards.

    Have a great day x


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