Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

get comfrotable
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A couple months back I saw this quote online from nOCD. It really hit home and was the perfect reminder that there is no reason to fear my anxiety. In the past, the moment I felt the tingle of anxiety was the moment I would quickly try to shove it away. If the anxiety did not go away fast enough, my breathing would become ragged, and my panic attack would begin. Somehow, in my mind, if I felt uncomfortable, I immediately had to react to it. I would think, “I’m not supposed to feel this way” or “feeling this way is not okay.” During my time in treatment, I was taught, however, that these emotions are merely just reactions your brain is creating. Just because you feel them, doesn’t mean you have to act on them. If your anxiety pitches a tent on your ribcage and stays for a while, that’s fine. Why do you have to make it go away? It is not going to do any harm by roasting some marshmallows and doing some stargazing. You can still go about your day, even if your breath is shallower than usual, there is a cold sweat atop your skin, and your heart seems to be racing. Sure, it is much easier being said than done. And saying it’s uncomfortable is definitely an understatement, but getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is one way to prevent mental illness from getting in the way of living your life. And the more you sit with those uncomfortable thoughts and emotions, the sooner they will lessen and possibly even disappear.


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P.S. nOCD is a great tool to have in your pocket if you are battling OCD. It is an app that uses Exposure Response Prevention Therapy to face your fears. It can even be used alongside your therapist. There is even a group chat feature added to the app to talk with other users who have OCD. Feel free to check out their website here!

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