1 Month Anniversary!!

Guys, it’s been one month since I started Chipper ChelseaKay!!


I wanted to take this time to thank you all for the crazy amount of encouragement, support, and understanding you have given me! It’s hard to open up about a subject that has such a stigma and misunderstanding. Even today, a nurse said to me “Oh, my son has OCD. He has to keep things neat or he gets annoyed” I should have corrected her, but I just nodded. I wasn’t up for small talk. But back to my thank you post! During this month I have gained 77 followers, made some new friends, and have been awed by the inspirational stories I have read. I see a long future in this blog, I see myself healing in the next few months, and I see myself sharing my experience with you every step of the way…that is, if you’ll stick with me during this winding road I like to call life.

I’d also like to thank the blog that got me started! You see, I always had the idea that I should share my story. I could do it through YouTube, by writing a book, or by blogging. Sharing my story with videos seems tricky, so I got rid of that idea. Writing a book is such a huge task, I really didn’t want to get into that. And how do you even go about getting it published?! After crossing that out I was stumped. I gave up on sharing my story for a few years. One day the idea of blogging occurred to me. I liked the sound of it, but forgot about it for months. After re-watching the YouTube video “After Ever After-Disney Parody” and then all of Jon’s new videos, I saw he had a really peppy and upbeat girlfriend…I guess you could call her “chipper” (total coincidence that I just realized!) So I wanted to see who she was. After some embarrassingly creepy google searches and instagram scrolls, I found her. Then I found her blog. It was the first blog I had ever read. (excluding my friend’s blog that journaled her abroad trips) I was shocked to hear her talk about her life with Crohn’s Disease. I remembered how I wanted to share my story, and the fears I had, but quickly thought, “If she is able to share intimate details about her colon with the world, and do it so well, I can too” So that very same night, after reading all of her posts, I created my WordPress account. So who is the girl that inspired me to finally share my story? Her name is Shannon Barry. So if you’re reading this Shannon, you are awesome! You gave me the boost I needed!

Again this is her blog https://shannonleebarry.wordpress.com/

This post ended up MUCH larger than I intended….I wasn’t planning on writing any of that! This was meant to be a thank you to all of my followers, because honestly, you have been absolutely amazing. I never expected to find such supportive people here. Okay, now that I’m tearing up, I’m going to finally end this!


10 thoughts on “1 Month Anniversary!!

    1. Thank you!!! I will definitely continue to share, it’s been such a great experience! You better continue as well! I find ways to relate with what your going though, even though I’m not struggling in the same way. Thank you for your kind words! ❤


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