Bunnies and Ice Cream

Bunny Ice creamI have lived in a quaint Upstate New York town of 3,000 people my entire life; I have always loved it. It is a town full of so much history you wouldn’t believe it! A school where Susan B Anthony taught, The Fort Rensselaer where George Washington stayed with his troops during the Revolutionary War, and the BeechNut factory where food was stored in jars and cans for the first time. The list continues but reading lists isn’t that much fun!

One thing I loved to do when I was young was ride my bike on our little bike path with my dad. The path takes the place of the Erie Canal that used to run through our town years ago. You can still see the stone walls in many places along the bike path. Not only did you see these old walls, but the animals were always so exciting to me. Squirrels, birds, and my favorite…rabbits. My dad promised me that if was to ever catch one, he’d let me keep it. Although I never did, every time I would see one, I’d jump of my little bike, let it fall on it’s side, and run like the wind after those little bunnies. My dad would just laugh and say “Maybe next time sweetness” and we’d continue on our way towards our destination, Stewarts ice cream.

A few years later, bunnies would come back into my life. Bunnies have lovely long soft ears, cute little eyes, and a nose that loves to twitch. That bunny nose is what will light the flame in a room full of gasoline. There was no cute fluffy rabbit that I would own, what I would own is the urge to start twitching my nose. I would scrunch it up to feel the pull inside my nostrils. It had nothing to do with my love for the little rabbits, merely just a coincidence. Although the tic’s grew and got worse, there’s a small comfort in having my very first tic related to something I adored when I was eight. I never realized it until I finished writing my first post a couple days ago and was thinking about how it all started. As I write now, I feel a sense of ease, I can hop a little higher with that little bit of comfort.

Bunny clip art

~ Stay Chipper Friends! ~

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