Best Advice Coming Out of Treatment

Best Advice Coming Out of Treatment

I have always been one for fresh starts. My go-to saying was, "this week is a new week, I'm starting over." By doing this, I seemed to expect everything to be better. I expected smooth sailing. When the time came that I would fall back into my unhealthy habits, I would become disappointed in myself, [...]

Why I Journal and Helpful Tips

Keeping a journal is a great way to organize your thoughts and evaluate what you are feeling. It is advice that doctors and therapists always give. In the past, when that advice was given I would brush it off. It seemed pointless and like a waste of time. I started writing quite a bit last January and [...]

How to Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Struggling with anxiety and panic attacks is hard. It has the power to overwhelm you and take over. Everyone experiences different symptoms, but these are some tricks that I've learned throughout my years of treatment and experience with anxiety and panic attacks. I hope they help! Awareness and Acceptance (Mindfulness)This is the newest treatment technique [...]